ClassicINSTA's improved frames


ClassicINSTA turns you iPhone into the perfect instant camera, recreating the look and experience of the classic Polaroid, Kodak and Fuji instant cameras from the 70’s and 80’s.

Hot on the heels of the recent 4.0 update, ClassicINSTA 4.1.0 has hit the App Store. This excellent fauxlaroid app gets a revamped user interface, a colorful new icon, integrated Facebook sharing and better performance in this update. The frames have been updated with added texture giving a more authentic appearance than in previous versions. And the app now also has an onscreen switch, giving the user easier access to the two additional frames added in a previous update.

The three frames of ClassicINSTA are a nod to classic instant photo frames, but due to trademark restrictions, developer misskiwi is unable to use the excellent recreations from some of their beta versions. In addition to the “classic” ClassicINSTA square frame border, you can choose from a frame with a thicker base and a frame with a wide top and bottom in the style of the twin-tabbed Polaroid Captiva but not the same aspect ratio.

No new films have been added to the current 11.

Because of the detail and texture of the photos, as well as the variety of high-quality “film” recreations the app has, I think ClassicINSTA is one of the better instant camera apps available.

ClassicINSTA is old iPhone friendly and works with any iPhone or iPod Touch with a camera, running iOS 3.1 or newer. It’s $1.99 in the App Store.

ClassicINSTA - misskiwi

There is also a new, ad-supported free version, ClassicINSTA – Free, which requires iOS 4.1 or newer. The free version includes all 11 films of the commercial version, but saves at a lower resolution — 1000×1000 pixels (1 megapixel) on an iPhone 4.