Hipstamatic 180

Hipstamatic 185 grid

Hipstamatic for iPhone, iPhoneographyKeith Higgins has created an excellent and helpful grid showing all of the possible lens and film combinations of the recent Hipstamatic 180 update, and now the recent 185 update, including the Salvador 84 Lens and the DreamCanvas film of the limited-edition Dali Museum GoodPak, as well as the new Melodie lens of the Levi’s® GoodPak. It does not contain any of the possible flash combinations.

It looks like Keith has been creating and updating these grids for a while. Use it as a reference or to quickly and easily discover new lens/film combinations. It’s a great bookmark. If you click in a few links, you can right click and save the full size image — makes for much easier reading.

In other related Hipstamatic news, Synthetic are still working on a new film, which wasn’t released on December 10th as originally planned. The new film should complement the new Melodie lens. We’ll post info and samples here as soon as we’re able to.