Like many of you, I buy the Hipstamatic HipstaPaks and GoodPaks as soon as they’re available. I cuss when I can’t get in early because the servers are swamped. I feel that rush of adrenaline like I just scored big when I can download the new lenses and films and post photos before anyone else.

Once you purchase a Hipstamatic Pak, it’s yours to use for the life of the app. Most of the time, updating the app goes without a hitch. Everything is still there as it was, except for the shiny new Hipsta update. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to use Hipstamatic’s “Restore Purchase” feature, either as a result of a reinstall, an update gone awry or some other reason. HipstaPaks — those lens and film sets that are a permanent part of the Hipstamatic experience — are easy. Simply restore purchases and shoot away. But what about the limited availability of the new GoodPaks? What happens to them once they are no longer available in the HipstaMart?

GoodPaks are a new type of lens and filter set introduced with the Hipstamatic 180 update. Among other differences, they are only available to purchase for a limited time.

The films and lenses in the GoodPaks will still work after they are no longer available in the HipstaMart (I guess at that point they have become electronic collector’s items). After they’re pulled from the HipstaMart, you’ll still be able to shoot with the Melodie lens and the Dali DreamCanvas film.

But what about downloading and restoring purchases that have passed their sale dates and are no longer available? I contacted Synthetic today to ask about this. From Ryan Dorshurst himself, “Looks like you will be able to restore lenses that are no longer in the hipstamart.”

I don’t recommend capriciously deleting and reinstalling apps on the iPhone, but it’s nice to know that the limited-availability Hipstamatic purchases are safe.

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