I love the holidays. It seems everyone has been giving a lot this year including app developers. Here’s an early Christmas present from Cogitap Software.

Several Cogitap photo apps are FREE today! This includes their excellent Slow Shutter Cam and Bracket Mode apps. It also includes their new photo apps HDR Fusion and Burst Mode. All of these are for full versions of the apps, not lite versions. Each app normally sells for $0.99-$1.99. This sale won’t last long — no longer than today in your time zone — so grab these now. Keep going for direct links and my thoughts on the apps.

UPDATE: It looks like today is over in Cogitap’s timezone. The apps are back to their normal price. However, stay tuned…. I suspect there will be more Cogitap freebies very soon. =M=

Slow Shutter Cam ( Slow Shutter Cam - Cogitap Software ) is an outstanding app which creates slow shutter effects on your iPhone. We recently gave the app a 4 star review. The latest update adds a really, really cool “Light Trail” mode which lets you capture light paintings. It does all this and saves at full-resolution.

Bracket Mode ( Bracket Mode - Cogitap Software ) is their new app which is simply a capture tool for HDR. It grabs two bracketed images for HDR in less than 4 seconds on an iPhone 4, allowing you to perform the more time-consuming tasks of merging and processing later. If you shoot with any of the third party HDR apps, like TrueHDR or ProHDR, this is an essential app. We recently rated it 4 stars as well. Saves at full device resolution.

HDR Fusion ( HDR Fusion - Cogitap Software ) is Cogitap’s foray into the third-party HDR market. It’s a full-blown HDR app which takes the two bracketed images and then merges and aligns them in-app. I haven’t fully tested this app yet, but the results are different than any other HDR app available. Color processing seems to be a little more vibrant than TrueHDR’s natural mode, but not at vibrant as ProHDR. Saves at full device resolution.

Burst Mode ( Burst Mode - Cogitap Software ) is a very fast camera app which can capture up to hundreds of frames in just a few seconds. Currently, the app only saves all those images at the lower-resolution VGA size of 640×480 pixels.

The above apps require an iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4. Check the App Store description for the specific version.