It’s the best fireworks photo I’ve got that I’ve taken with an iPhone, and appropriate in that we just returned from De Pere, Wisconsin where this photo was taken a couple summers ago.

As the clocks are now striking midnight around the globe, ushering in 2011, I want to wish all of you a very Happy and Successful New Year.

It’s been a big year for the blog. We’ve covered a lot of apps — many of them good, others not so good. We’ve broken a few stories. There have been a lot of events and exhibitions that we’ve covered. We’ve even made it to a few of them. The blog has weathered a DDoS attack and a webhost change that wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Life In LoFi must be on the radar now, based on the number of spam comments I have to clean out of Akismet daily….

It’s been a big year for iPhoneography. A year ago, practically no one was shooting with Hipstamatic. There were still a ton of low-res 800×600 pixel photo apps in the App Store. iPhoneography exploded into the mainstream this year with several high profile events and exhibits, including the Pixels at an Exhibition shows, the EYE’EM events, the Hipstamatic events, eyephoneography and i.phoneography and others. While there had been the occasional mobile phone photography exhibitions, what set iPhoneography apart, in my opinion, is the qualities of the camera and the thousands of photo apps artists use to add dimension and texture to their photographs.

I got to meet many fellow iPhonegraphers this year and was glad that we all have more in common than this little camera — Knox Bronson, Maia Panos (for a second, I think…), Glyn Evans, Sion Fullana, Anton Kawasaki, Lucas Buick, Ryan Dorshorst, Nick Campbell, John Cooper, Dan Berman, Jaime Ferreyros, Amy McGrath, T.S. Elliott, Kay Frederick. I’ve developed some great online friendships — Max Berkowitz, Dixon Hamby, fellow Texan Edgar Cuevas, Jordi V. Pou and many others. My apologies if I missed anyone here.

As Life In LoFi has grown, I feel like I’ve expanded my circle of friends, both in the online and real worlds. I appreciate your comments and feedback. I really enjoy our dialogs here on the blog, through email, and on Facebook and Twitter. I know there are many of who who read but never write. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and letting me share my musings.

Again, I wish you a Happy and Successful New Year in all that you do. May your light always be great and may you always get the shots you see.