Untitled #53 with thunder


“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”

Ansel Adams said that. Photographer Jordi V. Pou gave that quote to me a year ago. I’m sharing it with you here. This quote was a gift that helped me to put it all into perspective. It helped me to let the photography happen, to let the image find me, to not force a photograph for the sake of taking a photograph. That’s not to say I didn’t shoot two or three — thousand. It just helped to manage my own expectations of my photography. Although camera technology has evolved several times since Adams said that, one thing has remained constant and that is the art of photography really lies with the vision of the photographer. The camera is just a tool.

In lieu of a Faved on Flicker this week, presented here, in no particular order, are my twelve favorite images that I took in 2010. They were narrowed down from the thousands that I shot throughout the year (okay, I take a lot of safety shots…). Many of the images you may have already seen here. A few you haven’t. They all may not be what I consider the best images I took in 2010. They are my twelve personal favorites. There’s a story behind each one.

My favorite photo is the lead photo above. The rest are after the jump.

Here’s hoping that 2011 brings you awesome photos. Here’s to good shooting in 2011 and may you always have great light.


iPhoneography: Dinner With My Dad

Dinner With My Dad

His Name is Freddy

iPhoneography: Blue Train to the G Stop

Blue Train to the G Stop

Untitled with shadow and stainless steel

Fly Delta Jets


iPhoneography: A Small Bird in a Big Sky

iPhoneography: Luminaires (Hipstamatic)



The Temple

Exit Row