Did you get one of the Toda-Seiko mobile phone lenses for your iPhone? Those are the ones available from GIZMON, USBFever, and Photojojo store. The Photojojo lenses are pretty cool with glass optics that stick magnetically to your iPhone. Unfortunately, the steel rings do not stick well to the glass case of an iPhone 4.

Back in October, 2010, Darrel Austin who writes the PhotoAppinion blog posted a great piece about external iPhone lenses. He reviews the Photojojo lenses and shows an excellent (but “ugly”) hack to get the magnetic rings to work with an iPhone 4. His is the best method I’ve seen so far in that it doesn’t harm the iPhone — although a case takes one for the lenses. Also, Darrel’s method minimizes light leaks which might occur by gluing the metal rings to the outside of a case.

Here’s the link to the complete post, “External iPhone Lenses” on PhotoAppinion.

Have you found another way to make the lenses work for your iPhone? Share your feedback, links and ideas in the comments below.