Nothing to enlarge. This is a Colaroid full res pic.

Colaroid Cam PRO
Version 1.1
Price: Free for a limited time

Rating 1 star

UPDATED 01.10.11

Colaroid Cam PRO is yet another fake Polaroid app. This one has more colored frames than you’ll ever need.

The interface is pretty clunky and needs a lot of work. It saves a fake Polaroid at a low 500×603 px resolution or a super low-res, 320×480 px screen capture of the entire screen — image, background and all. It even saves to the camera roll as a PNG file — the format of screen captures. Lazy programming.

In Edit mode — the tiny 320×480 mode, the image itself is bordered by a wrinkled brown paper background, making the effective size of the photo even smaller and the quality of the image horrible. There are a lot of other fake Polaroid apps available and they all support higher resolution, so really, how hard can it be?

There’s a large selection of frames. Some of them are good, some of them are fun — it’s hard to tell because they’re so small. The “filters” are nothing more than different colored vignettes. I found only the black one to be of any use. The objects — thumbtacks, disco balls, bug splats, etc. — are pretty distracting, but some users might find them fun if the app saved at a usuable resolution.

There’s nothing “pro” about this app. Colaroid Cam PRO isn’t a good fauxlaroid app. Because of the super-super-low resolution, it isn’t even a good photo app. Output of the edited prints are way too small to share on Flickr or Facebook. The only thing it’s good for is to MMS to non-iPhone cell phones. It’s not worth free, let alone having to pay for the app when it goes off sale. Really, avoid this app. You’re better off spending a buck and getting one of the other, better instant camera apps.

Colaroid Cam Pro works on any iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 3.2 or newer.

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