Before and after: CameraTAN's new facelift


CameraTAN from MorokoshiMan is the toy camera app with the cryptic names but creates some good effects. It’s just been updated to version 3.2. The app gets yet another facelift, a new icon, and several new features. It now creates over 40 well-rendered and interesting toy camera effects. Multiple filter effects can easily be added to an image.

We covered the previous facelift in the the 3.0 update here. If you missed it, it’s a good read with CameraTAN tips and a link to an effects grid.

CamaraTAN 3.2 screenshots, including the random effect display

Here’s what’s new in the 3.2 update:

• Redesigned user interface.
• New icon.
• Added three new Blur effects.
• Change the method of processing multiple exposures.
• Displays the name of the effect applied when using the random effect button.

The new UI is a little smoother, less organic, less textured. It has new fonts and a new Library icon on the home screen. The multiple exposures have been split out.

The new blur effects are pretty subtle and less of a blur and more of a very slight adjustment in contrast. In fact, on my iPhone 4, I really couldn’t see any image blur at all. At first glance, these blurs are nothing to get too excited over.

The app now also displays the name of the effect applied when selecting Random. It’s a great new feature and very helpful, but you’d better look fast. It quickly disappears from the screen in a second or two. I hope in a future update it stays onscreen a second or two longer.

One of the nice things about CameraTAN is that it’s super easy to apply effects on top of effects or to apply multiple instances of the same effect.

CameraTAN supports full-resolution of your iDevice and runs on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 3.0 or newer — old iPhone friendly! The app is still only $0.99 in the App Store.

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