Two of the excellent ClassicCAMERA apps from misskiwi were updated this week. ClassicTOY and ClassicPAN were both updated. ClassicPAN got some performance improvements and minor enhancements. ClassicTOY also got some really cool new features! Both apps now require iOS 4.1 or later. They no longer support iOS 3.

We’ve reviewed an early version of ClassicPAN here. The ClassicPAN is a vintage panoramic camera and the 5.0.0 update now features enhanced performance and much faster saving. It now also supports background processing, thus the iOS 4 requirement. You can now upload straight to Facebook from within the app.

In addition to faster saving and background processing, the excellent toy camera app ClassicTOY 6.0.0 gets a really cool new “lens”, Film Copier. It’s not really a lens that you shoot with. Film Copier allows you to import pictures from your device’s photo library so you can apply any of ClassicTOY’s 14 great film effects. Film Copier is part of the Full Lens Pak, a $1.99 in-app purchase that also includes 5 other lenses.

Overdrive mode has improved, and the overdrive interface is now a lot easier to switch. You can now easily switch between original, Super Toy, and Grunge mode. These are effects are applied in addition to the film and lens effects. Super Toy-mode adds some cool, nicely randomized light leak effects.

Both apps are faster, but processing images still takes some time. You’ll get back to shooting faster with both, but don’t expect burst mode speeds.

ClassicPAN is on sale for a few days for $0.99 in the App Store — that’s 50% off the regular price. ClassicTOY is free, but to unlock most of the lenses is a $1.99 in-app purchase.

App Store links:

ClassicTOYClassicTOY - misskiwi

ClassicPANClassicPAN - Vintage Panoramic Camera - misskiwi


ClassicTOY Overdrive - Original

ClassicTOY Overdrive - SuperToy effect

ClassicTOY Overdrive - Grunge effect