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Very few apps generate as much anticipation as a Hipstamatic update. The wait is over for now. Hipstamatic 190 is available in the App Store. Although the 190 doesn’t have a new HipstaPak, this update has plenty of free new features, including a new flash for all and the addition of an excellent new film to one of the existing HipstaPaks.

The biggest new additions are a new free flash, Cherry Shine, and the long-awaited Claunch 72 monochrome film. The new film has been added free to the Portland HipstaPak and magically appears in your films if you’ve already purchased the pak. It’s available as part of an in-app purchase if you haven’t.

The new Claunch 72 film was originally going to be given away free on Hipstamatic’s 1 year anniversary, but was delayed. The film was designed to complement the Melodie lens (part of the now-discontinued Levi’s® GoodPak). The combination of the two really is awesome and is currently my favorite film/lens combination. It’s an excellent warmish monochrome with a simple black frame and just a hint of goldish-yellow. It’s got good tones and balanced contrast throughout, unlike the higher contrasts of the BlacKeys films. When used with the subtle effects of the Melodie lens, the results are stunning. More subtle than many of Hipstamatic’s other combinations. It’s really nice. Here are a couple of samples:

The Kodot XGrizzled — the former Kodot Verichrome — film also gets another makeover in this update. The rough edges of the frame now feature some random variations in each print. It’s well done and a very good update to this film.

Lovers of the BlacKeys film will like the new option to turn off the 30-years-ago retro dates in the film’s frame. It’s a new preference in Settings app > Hipstamatic > Retro-Date Prints.

The HipstaMart now has a download manager — a more precise means of restoring some purchases. Restoring previously purchased GoodPaks, regardless of their availability, should work now (I haven’t nuked my copy of Hipstamatic to test this. Sorry, y’all.).

One other major bug has finally been fixed. I wasn’t asked to enter my App Store password once while testing the app.

The update went smoothly. All my settings were the same. All of my HipstaPaks were there; I didn’t have to restore purchases. The bug fixes and the free new features make the 190 an excellent update.

Here’s all that’s new in Hipstamatic Version 190

New Features
• New free flash: Cherry Shine
• New film added to The Portland HipstaPak: Claunch 72 Monochrome
• Support for uploading to multiple blogs in Tumblr (if you have multiple blogs in your account)
• Updated HipstaMart Camera Gear Shop with Categories view and Downloads manager
• Option to disable Retro-Dating for the BlacKeys Ultrachrome film (in Settings app)
• Tap-and-hold to Copy prints to the clipboard from Recent Prints

Bugs / Performance
• Performance improvements when swiping through lenses, flashes, and films
• Kodot XGrizzled film produces more varying results
• Pinch to zoom restored in Recent Prints (when zoomed in to a print)
• Memory use optimizations
• Other misc. bug fixes

Hipstamatic is $1.99 in the App Store. HipstaPaks are available as an in-app purchase for $0.99 each. It’s still old-iPhone-friendly and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

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