As Nick Bilton on Gizmodo so eloquently put it in a recent App of the Day post, “The genius of Instagram is that it’s really three apps in one: a camera app with swizzy filters, like Hipstamatic; a social network for sharing photos; and an insanely quick way to push photos to every other social network you use instantly and selectively, like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Instagram nails the most fundamental thing about all of these tinted, faded, scratched, washed out, oversaturated, antiqued and otherwise digitally abused photos: We want to share them.”

My girlfriend and I love Instagram. I use it as a sort of FourSquare with photos (Instagram: @martyneardfw). She uses it to post goofy pictures of me (she’s also an excellent photographer as well – Instagram: @itsmestacy). Many users in my feed use it to just share pictures and have fun.

While amazingly simple in many ways, Instagram can also be frustratingly limited. If you’re fairly new to Instagram and want to get more out of the app, you should check out the app Instagram Tips by Brian Ng. The app is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Instagram, but it does contain some good tips to quickly get you up to speed on this social-photo app.

Much of the material covered is basic. There are a few tips more experienced users may find interesting — zoom in Instagram, applying multiple filters, blocking users. There is also a page with links to other Instagram resources, such as Josh Joshson’s Instatips blog.

Instagram Tips is a free download. Even if you just read it and delete it, I recommend the app for new Instagram users, but even more experienced iPhoneographers who use Instagram may learn a trick or two.

Instagram Tips - Brian Ng