The official Flickr app from Yahoo was updated recently. The new 1.3 update has a bunch of new features and improvements. It’s got some cool tweaks for viewing and sharing images on Flickr. However, one of those “improvements” is a new photo picker, which unfortunately severely limits the photos you can upload from your iPhone.

The new 1.3 update of Flickr only allows you to browse and upload from your Camera Roll in a cumbersome process. There is no more access to the rest of your photo library. And maneuvering through your Camera Roll can now only be done in 40 image increments.

Some users my not have an issue with the new uploader and may even like the new increased upload limits. Others who keep a large number of images in their camera roll will find the “40 pics at a time” limit of the new uploader to be a problem and very slow in their workflow. The uploader views the 40 most recent images first and works backwards — a problem for iPhoneographers who shoot a lot and don’t upload right away. And now access to pics stored in other albums on your iPhone is completely gone in this update, making them unavailable to upload using this app.

The classic iPhone uploader makes it a breeze to fly through hundreds or thousands of images.

Here’s a list of what’s new in Flickr version 1.3:

New and improved upload functionality:
• Preserves all EXIF data, including date, time and geo-location of the photo
• New photo picker that allows multi-select of up to 5 photos for batch uploading
• Faster and more reliable background uploading on 3G connections

Extended geo location support:
• Adjust a photo’s geo location prior upload on a custom map view
• Map view linked from the photo page to see where a photo or video was taken

Extended photo sharing to Twitter
• Now all photos that are allowed to be shared can be posted on Twitter with a snappy flic.kr short URL directly from the app

Other things:
• Fully optimized UI for high-resolution Retina display
• Set limit lifted to 84

I’ve been using the free Flickit to upload my images to Flickr. There’s also the pricey full version, Flickit Pro which has good Flickr integration and some other really cool features. Both apps make it an easy process to browse, tag and share images to Flickr.

And, if you updated the Flickr app and want to revert back to the previous version, you may not be out of luck. See our post on how to downgrade apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Flickr is free in the App Store. Flickit Pro is $4.99 (ouch). Flickit is a free download.

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Thanks to Rogério Salgado-Martins for the heads up on this one.