Instagram 1.0.7's new filters


Instagram iPhoneInstagram is one of the most popular social photo apps currently available. Within a month of the release of its previous update, Instagram has been updated again.

Although light on new features (as in none), the Instagram 1.0.7 update has two cool new filters and the return of an old fave removed from the app just a month ago.

The two new filters are “Walden” and “Hefe”. I think both are pretty cool and definitely improve the number of filters I’m likely to use in Instagram. Walden desaturates the image and gives it cooler tones, much like the cinema effects in other programs, but without the crop. Hefe goes the other way and adds saturation and warmth.

The other “new” filter is the return of Poprocket, which adds pinks and purple Berry-pop style colors to a photo. After users complained, the developers restored the popular filter.

Again, no sign of higher resolution output in this update. This version still saves processed photos at 612×612 pixels.

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