In yesterday’s “Faved On Flickr,” there were to be an additional couple of images by iPhoneographer Nicholas Corsalini. The images were from his series, “Mugshots”. He posted a few to the Life In LoFi Flickr group and I was blown away by his portraits and his processing of them.

Highlighted in this gallery are several of his excellent Mugshots portraits, as well as some insight into the project from Nicholas himself. I’ve included a link to the complete series at the end of the text.

The photos begin as excellent portraits — great captures of the photographer’s friends and co-workers. They capture a moment, a mood — they seem to capture the essence of the subject. The portraits are classic and each face shows great character. The multiple apps used for processing adds texture and even more mood to the images. Adding a bit of text to each image helps each image tell its story both on its own and within the scope of the entire series. It’s a brilliant job of apping.

Here’s Nicholas on “Mugshots”:

First of all I was always intimidated of taking photos of people close up or portraits because you have to have a good subject and of course make them look good. I started by taking a photo of one of my best friends that I work with. I took it in front of the wall behind our desks and converted it to black and white. We played around with this and we thought we should look for people in our office with very specific looks. I took one of my manager “Bossman” and a lot of people around the office loved it and started asking for photos. My friends said I should make everyone look tough and do a mafia type family tree and make them look like mugshots and I ran with it.

I shot all the original photos with ProCamera because it has the balance for a perfect portrait. Then I used Photo fx to make two different light and dark black and white photos. Then I combined the two photos in Pro HDR for different tones in same black and white photo. Then I used Phoster and made a blank sheet with the dirt backround. I layered this in Sketchbook and then I erased everything around the portrait. I then used Photoshop Express for some cropping and tweaking and then finally back into Phoster for the text and vignette.

I draw most of my inspiration from a great few iPhoneographers. First of all ABC [Aik Beng Chia] sets the bar high. I love his creativity and lighting. Robert Paul and Reservoir Dan have some of the most beautiful landscapes around them at all times (being in a suburban area it’s very hard to search for these wooded areas or beautiful horizons). Sion Fullana takes great shots of people in some of the most intimate moments in such a beautiful urban area (JEALOUS of the stories he adds with every photo because mine are bored at work 2). And of course my friend, Stephanie Mansueto. Without her showing me that there was such a thing as camera apps, my photo library would still have 23 photos in it. Currently at 4,000.

I love to add text to my photos as it is my sense of humor peeking through and hopefully make people laugh.

You can see the entire series on Nicholas Corsalini’s Flickr Photostream.

Nicholas is @Mrfubar32x on Flickr.




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