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Selective color app Colorize by Widgetize is on sale this weekend for only 99¢ — that’s half off the $1.99 it normally goes for. Colorize lets you selectively recolor your photos. It’s different from ColorSplash and other “splash” apps in that it allows you to easily select a color and recolor selected areas of your image, giving you superior control of your colorizations.

For the job it does, it has a good tool set. It has variable brush size and variable brush hardness. For recolorizing or creating color splash effects, it’s a pretty versatile app.

Here’s what it features:

● Paint in nearly Any Color, Original Color, or Gray (desaturate)

● Zoom in to paint fine details (pinch in/out)

● Fix mistakes with Undo and Redo

● Precise control over brush size and softness

● Fast and responsive, even at highest resolutions

Colorize supports full res 1600×1200 px on an iPhone 3G, and greater than full res, 2048×2048 px, on a 3GS. Higher resolution support is promised in the next update. The current version, 1.1.2, saves at nearly full res on an iPhone 4 — 2369×1769 px. Odd, but definitely usable. Hopefully, that will also be fixed soon.

The interface is fairly straightforward but takes some exploring. There’s a lot of features that are hidden out of sight. Don’t skip past the help button the first time you open the app.

The app is on sale through this weekend — Sunday, February 6. It’s one of the better colorization apps available. At 50% off, this is a good chance to get this app.

Colorize is old iPhone friendly and runs on any iDevice using iOS 3.0 or higher.

Colorize - Widgetize