Hipstamatic 200 FashionPak skin

New camera skin for the Hipstamatic 200


It looks like Hipstamatic 200 will be hitting the streets soon. We don’t know much about this update except that it streets sometime around New York Fashion Week, February 10-17, 2011, and it will have a new, very limited GoodPak, the FashionPak, which will only be available for a very short time.

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Hipstamatic 200 Chunky Lens

Hipstamatic 200 Chunky Lens. Photo by Chiun-Ka and courtesy of 3rdward.com

The new Fashion GoodPak features a new camera skin (see above) and the new Chunky lens. The new lens is inspired by 3rd Ward’s creative director, fashion world star, and member Chiun-Kai Shi. It will be released in conjunction with the The Chunky Lens World Release & Gallery Show near New York City.

Inspired by Chunky’s jet-setting lifestyle and moody/glam aesthetic, Hipstamatic developed a brand-new Chunky lens with never-before-been-seen features that render your photographs richer, more cinematic, and more luminous.

The limited-edition Chunky lens will be free to download for the duration of New York Fashion Week, February 10-17, as part of Hipstamatic’s FashionPak. The new lens will go live on February 10th and is available for download worldwide.

You can see more preview shots of the new Chunky lens here on 3rdWard.com.

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This is a breaking story. We’ll update this post with more information as we get it.

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Big thanks to reader Jeff Ksiazek for the tip. You can check out his blog here.