ShakeItPhoto iPhone iPod TouchI deal with photo apps and app developers on a daily basis. While most developers I believe have a genuine desire to put the best app out there, I really like seeing the developers who are truly passionate about their apps. These are developers who are accessible. They are involved in the community. They are actively part of the dialog. They listen to feedback — good and bad — and use it to improve their apps. Their apps are more than a digital product. Their apps are their “child”.

Nick Campbell from Banana Camera Co. is one of those developers. Through his blog and his video podcasts, he regularly engages those who support and use his apps.

Back in December, ShakeItPhoto 1.3 was released with a new processing algorithm that, while visibly closer to real instant photos and more accurate, was new and different than users had come to expect with the app and many users were pretty outraged at the change. After a week or so, Nick changed the look of the app back to the classic ShakeItPhoto look.

On, Nick talks about the story of ShakeItPhoto 1.3. It’s an insightful, candid read from one of iPhoneography’s more accessible developers.

Having customers act this passionately about our products, even with negative feedback, is the most valuable thing we have as a company. Apps live off of word of mouth. The worst thing that could have happened would be if nobody said a thing.

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