Fashion Week with Chunky

Shot by Chiun-Kai Shih during Fashion Week in NYC, 2011 © All Rights Reserved


One of the new goodies with the Hipstamatic 200 update is the brand new SOHO Hipstapak. The new HipstaPak features the Chunky lens (currently part of the free MAC & Milk Fashion FreePak), the new Cano Cafenol film, and the new Blanko Noir film.

We found what is most likely the new Blanko Noir film on the Hipstamatic Flickr photo stream.

The EXIF data checks out on this one. Here are a few images featuring a “Blanko Negro” frame — possibly a beta name. The new frame is very nice, simple and classic. It bears a resemblance to a classic Hasselblad frame, minus the two signature Hassy notches in the frame. It’s also a little rougher. It looks like the film effects the frame only.

The new SOHO HipstaPak is due to be released later this week on Thursday, February 17.

No word if the new blingy Chunky camera skin is also part of the SoHo HipstaPak, so be sure to download the Fashion FreePak before Thursday.

The Hipstamatic can be downloaded to any iPhone or iPod Touch sporting iOS 3.1+ software. For $1.99 USD you can download the base model Hipstamatic 200. Additional lenses, film, and flash options can be added on within the app for 99 cents.

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Fashion Week with Chunky

Fashion Week with Chunky