Wouldn’t you know it? While I was out to lunch, the Hipstamatic 201 update and SOHO HipstaPak went live. The SOHO HipstaPak now contains the Chunky lens from the Fashion FreePak, as well as the Cano Cafenol film, the excellent new Blanko Noir film, and the shiny new Mr. Bling gold camera skin.

The 201 update fixes issues with the iOS on Verizon iPhones and the upcoming iOS 4.3 update which prevented some users from downloading the free Fashion FreePak.

You don’t need to update to Hipstamatic 201 to download the SOHO HipstaPak. But it looks like if you weren’t able to get the Fashion FreePak, you most likely missed out. No word on whether there will be any type of makegood for the FreePak. If you missed the Fashion FreePak, you didn’t miss the Chunky lens, although now you’ll have to drop a buck to get it. Unfortunately, you’ve missed the sexy black and gold Fashionista camera skin, which I like a lot better than the new all gold Mr. Bling case.

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