Grungetastic is a new app from JixPix, who also developed the excellent photo apps VintageScene which I previously reviewed here and PhotoArtista. Grungetastic applies a combination of textures, damage, color processing and frames to apply gorgeous, highly detailed grunge effects to your images — if you could use the word gorgeous to describe grunge.

There are three classes of grunge effects, each with over a dozen presets. You can customize every aspect of each preset. The app lets you save your custom settings as a new preset. There’s a random button that lets you play with the app and in case you forget what your original image looks like, there’s a toggle on the main screen that allows you to quickly and easily switch from effect to original view.

The effects are great — the detailed and high quality effects you expect from JixPix. Although this app is very reliant upon industrial textures to do its magic — sometimes more than one layer, what sets this app apart from other texture apps like 100 Cameras in 1 or picfx is the quality and focus of the textures. These are textures that work because of their relevance to grunge. There’s high contrast cement textures, paint splotches, dirt textures. Combined with the color effects and frames, Grungetastic really dirties up your photos in a good way.

My favorite class of effect is the Pop Grunge effects. Not only do they apply texture, but highly posterize your original to give a pop-art feel as a base before the app proceeds to mangle your photo.

The app saves your images in several resolutions, including full resolution. It’s a little slow when saving higher resolution images, but it’s doing a lot of work. Grungetastic is fantastic and makes your photos look beautifully destroyed. Grungetastic is another winner from JixPix.

Grungetastic is only $0.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Grungetastic - JixiPix Software