Lewis PictureShow

Lewis PictureShow by Nicki Fitz-Gerald (FlickrFitzy)


Here are the images chosen for this week’s Faved on Flickr. These images were chosen from the excellent iPhone photography submitted to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Each week, I’m amazed at the quality of the art that’s being created and shared here by iPhoneographers from around the globe.

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This week, I’m letting the images speak for themselves, as it should be. There’s a lot of great photography, from haunting and ethereal portraits to several monochromes with outstanding light and shadow.

Links go directly to each iPhoneographer’s Flickr photostream. If you like what you see, please click and check out their other work. Wherever possible, I’ve credited the photographer’s real name instead of their Flickr nick.

For your chance to be seen, all you have to do is be a member of the Flickr group, post, and keep adding great images. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here Sunday — we’ll have more.

Even if you haven’t shared your photography here, I hope you enjoy these images and are inspired by them. Many thanks to all who post and share.

Please enjoy this week’s gallery.


Amber Eyes

Amber Eyes by Lumilyon


Tribal by ©arlein

Judgment day

Judgment day by fripics


Freedom by T.S.W.P.

Citroen Grille

Citroen Grille by Suresh Rao


exhausting by Josh Felix

Devil's Gate Dam #15

Devil's Gate Dam #15 by Craig Anthony Perkins

Three different thoughts

Three different thoughts by Alessandro Greganti

Five Palms Gallactic

Five Palms Gallactic by Andy Royston


Windows by Mário Pires

The Eternal Flame #1

The Eternal Flame #1 by Gladly Beyond

run into the freedom

run into the freedom by kou hattori

Skies and Buildings

Skies and Buildings by Michael Sonnabend

Fim Noir - All iPhone -

Film Noir by DraMan

fake tree.

fake tree. by Red Kiwi Photography

Untitled by A. Redondo

"Four Me And Only Me"

"Four Me And Only Me" by Fredrik Nilsson