dyes to the evening glow

dyes to the evening glow by kou hattori


Here is this week’s Faved on Flickr. These images were selected from the excellent iPhone photography submitted to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Over the past week, iPhoneographers from around the globe once again shared excellent street photography, portraits, abstracts, concept pieces, and found moments. These are a small fraction of those excellent images.

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This week, here’s a lot of great photography. kou hattori’s lead image “dyes to the evening glow” is warm yet haunting. I love Robert-Paul Jansen’s landscapes and his “Lead me to the Fire in the Sky” is very surreal in the use of the late afternoon colors.

Surreal is a theme with many of this week’s images, including brilliant pieces from unruly_e, Elizabeth Myers, Luxtra, mutablend, and Jessica Adams. There’s another excellent portrait from Nicholas Corsalini and two more outstanding monochromes from Amy Leibrand. “Wargames” by Benedicte Guillon is simple, playful yet slightly disturbing, especially if you’ve seen Eddie Adams’ infamous 1968 photograph.

There’s a lot more great photography here and much much more submitted to the Flickr group. Thanks to all of the iPhoneographers who let me share their work with you here.

Links go directly to each iPhoneographer’s Flickr photostream. If you like what you see, please click and check out their other work. Wherever possible, I’ve credited the photographer’s real name instead of their Flickr nick.

For your chance to be seen, all you have to do is be a member of the Flickr group, post, and keep adding great images. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here Sunday — we’ll have more.

Even if you haven’t shared your photography here, I hope you enjoy these images and are inspired by them. Many thanks to all who post and share.

Please enjoy this week’s gallery.


Lead me to the Fire in the Sky

Lead me to the Fire in the Sky by Robert-PauI Jansen


It Waits In P(i)e(a)ce

It Waits In P(i)e(a)ce by *Jeffrey*


Bridge over the stream of consciousness

Bridge over the stream of consciousness by unruly_e


Perspective - through the bottom of my water glass

Perspective - through the bottom of my water glass by juluc


Homage to Dali

Homage to Dali by Elizabeth Myers


Zoo Planet

Zoo Planet by Jessica Adams



Nested by Luxtra


looking down

looking down by mutablend



polygamy by Dr.Frame


Untitled by Amy Leibrand


Untitled by Amy Leibrand



Similar by Nicholas Corsalini


My Clockwork Heart

My Clockwork Heart by Benamon Tame



Limelight by Gladly Beyond


raygun gothic

raygun gothic by Amy Hughes


Step Into The Grid

Step Into The Grid by Aik Beng Chia


Still waiting for something better (that's not arrived yet)

Still waiting for something better (that's not arrived yet) by Alessandro Greganti


The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us by Aik Beng Chia



Wargames by Benedicte Guillon


A Scared Little Piggy

A Scared Little Piggy by Gary Cohen


Ikebukuro night

Ikebukuro night by kou hattori


Graffiti? In Singapore?

Graffiti? In Singapore? by Scott A. Woodward


Café Percolator 2

Café Percolator 2 by Jackito777