QuikCam (formerly QuickCam) by Two Teeth Technologies is a fast camera replacement app. While it now has some pretty cool advanced features, it was designed with simplicity in mind. But it’s also fast — very fast.

It’s been updated recently and I’ve got some free promo codes to give away. Click past the jump to find out how to get one.

QuikCam shoots both still photos and video and is designed to get you shooting quickly. It’s been recently updated and renamed. We recently reviewed the first release of the app. It’s a lean camera replacement app that is very, very fast. It gets you up shooting faster than any other camera app available, according to the developer’s numbers (My test numbers were within theirs within a margin of error).

The update features an improved interface and a bunch of new advanced features, including user-selectable rule-of-thirds composition grid, new QuickPic mode to optionally shoot a photo by launching the app, an updated UI, in-app photo preview, separate focus lock/exposure lock/white balance lock, and several other new goodies. As with the original release, the controls are accessible, but kept out of sight for simplicity.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

Improved User Interface — The brushed aluminum border has been removed, the still/record buttons have been enhanced, and the zoom slider was moved to the right right side and turned vertical for easier one-handed operation. A new “settings” icon appears in the top right corner to access many of the new features in this release.

Settings — A number of new and advanced features are now available by tapping on the new “settings” icon on the top right. The settings menu is organized into 3 categories. “Special Modes”, “Camera” and “Interface”.

Advanced Camera Settings — The auto-flash button has been moved to this menu, along with several user-requested features. The ability to lock focus, exposure and white balance are easily turned on and off from this menu.

User Interface Settings — One of the more useful features of the “pro” camera apps out there is the “rule of thirds” grid that overlays the viewfinder, this feature is easily toggled on and off in the “Interface” settings menu.

And in version 1.1.1 just released, the ability to customize button icons.

Free promo codes!

Right now, I’ve got free QuikCam promo codes to give away to five random readers. To win, request a code in the comments below. You can comment as many times as you like, but only your first comment will count. Cut-off time to enter is 11:00 PM Central Time tonight, Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Winners will be determined by random selection. This is for the full version of QuikCam. One code per reader, please. If you’re one of the winners, be sure I can email or DM you somehow.

QuikCam is $1.99, but is on sale now for only 99¢. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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Big thanks to Two Teeth’s Josh Patterick for providing the free QuikCam promo codes!