This morning, we got this pressie from Josh Patterick of Two Teeth Technologies. Here’s your chance to name an app! =M=

Want to leave your mark on App Store History?

QuikCam, the app formerly known as QuickCam, is soon to be called {INSERT YOUR IDEA HERE}.

Yes that’s right.  QuikCam needs a new name – again.  And since we clearly can’t get it right and are much too busy fine tuning the app and adding new features, we are asking, pleading really, for your help.

It is your chance to leave your mark on App Store history.  If you are the first to submit the name that is chosen you will optionally be credited with the name in the App Store description, you will be invited to join our exclusive beta testing team and will also be gifted 50 of our favorite iOS applications.

Not only that, but anyone that retweets a link to this article or submits an idea for a name will be eligible to win a promo code for our app, QuikCam.  And we have a stockpile of them to hand out.

There are a couple of ways to submit your ideas and multiple entries are welcome:

1) Simply add a comment to this article with your idea

2) Send a tweet with the following format:
QuikCam needs a new name?  Again?!?!  How about ______?  @twoteethtech

We’ll choose a name before Sunday, April 17, 2011 at midnight EDT.

Thanks for your help!  We sincerely appreciate it!

Josh & Steve
Two Teeth Technologies / 4Word Systems

Standard contest rules apply.

QuikCam is $1.99, but is on sale now for only 99¢. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

QuickCam - Two Teeth Technologies