Instagram 1.6: the new Brannan filter

UPDATED: Now with the official “fixes” from Instagram.

UPDATE 04.23.11: Info about the Instagram 1.6.1 update has been added.

The new Instagram 1.6 update is out and is buggy and crashy. Consider waiting until the next update is released which will hopefully fix the widely reported installation problems and stability issues.

Updating, reinstalling or installing takes an abnormally long time. Some users have reported install times of up to 30 minutes on a fast WiFi network. It took me about 4 minutes to do a fresh install. That’s a lot slower than this download/install should take.

Instagrammers on Twitter and user reviews in the App Store report the app is unstable and crash-prone, even after a reinstall. On one of our iPhone 4 devices, the app is now unusable, even after a reboot. Stacy was unable to access her feed or save images to her camera roll from the app.

Deleting the app and reinstalling helped on my iPhone — the app seems work in preliminary tests, but I haven’t put it through its paces yet so I can’t personally vouch for its stability or instability with extended use. Again, reinstalling took longer than it should have. Also, deleting and reinstalling is kind of a pain — you’ll have to reconfigure your other social media logins.

The new Brannan filter is an attractive retro filter with an old, bleached photo look. It’s definitely one of the more usable filters. If you need it now, upgrade to Instagram 1.6 with caution. If you can hold off, I suggest waiting for a hopefully more stable 1.6.1.

If you installed the update and would like to downgrade back to 1.5, read our post on downgrading apps on your iDevice.

UPDATE: Instagram are aware of the issues with the 1.6 update and have posted two pages on their support forum addressing the issue.

If version 1.6 of the app crashes or won’t open, they recommend delete and reinstall the app (your account info + photos will be saved). You’ll still have to reenter all of your login information (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

If you’re trying to install or update Instagram and the app is stuck on “Installing”, first try turning your phone off and back on.

UPDATE 04.23.11: Instagram has released the 1.6.1 update, which has improved stability and solved most if not all of the issues users were having with the 1.6 update. I downloaded the 1.6.1 update straight to my iPhone. Overall, it went much smoother than the 1.6 update. The only hitch I ran into was it sat on “Installing” for what I thought was a little long. Other than that, no problems so far. =M=



How’s your luck been with the Instagram 1.6 update? Let us know how it’s working (or not) for you in the comments below.

Big thanks to Twitter/@itsmestacy for being my guinea pig for the Instagram 1.6 update first. Sorry about that…. =M=