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iPhoneographer Stephanie Roberts has been extremely busy recently. Her new book, The Art of iPhoneography was released recently and is getting excellent peer reviews on Fellow iPhoneographer Dixon Hamby says “This is a very good book. The Art of iPhoneography does have some “technical” info in the book like iPhone basics and how to use several apps, but the heart of the book is how to see and find your own voice.”

Currently, Stephanie is at the Koseli School in Kathmandu, Nepal and along with Jen Lemen, they are leading the first program for Lens on Life, teaching iPhone photography to students there using donated iPhones. A selection of student photographs from the program will be shared in the Lens on Life online gallery and made available for purchase.

Lens on Life is a non-profit organization that partners with local schools and organizations around the world to host programs led by a volunteer community of seasoned photographers. Lens on Life provides education, resources, community, and promotion and sales of participants’ creations in the form of photographic prints and products to help sustain financial resources to support Lens on Life programs and the continuing education of its hopeful, young photographers around the world.

It’s an incredible and very worthwhile project. Stephanie is posting a ton of iPhone photos of Nepal, her students and the project on her blog, LittlePurpleCow iPhoneography. Definitely worth a look.

When I saw Stephanie’s photos of the children, and the looks of joy in their faces as they discover this art and their intensity as they worked and created, it really drove home how worthwhile a project this is — in any place. I look forward to the gallery and to seeing their world through their eyes.

Lens on Life continues to accept iPhones and donations for future programs.

Stephanie’s new book, The Art of iPhoneography lists for $19.95/paperback, but sells for a lot less on