ShakeItPhoto 2.0's new Polaroid border

ShakeItPhoto 2.0’s new Polaroid border

One of the things that I love about ShakeItPhoto is the way it alters the colors of the photo. It doesn’t accurately recreate the tones of old Polaroid images. In reality, they’re often flat and washed out. ShakeItPhoto recreates the way we remember old Polaroid photos. And that, to me, is part of its magic.

ShakeItPhoto was updated today. The 2.0 update has one new feature — a real Polaroid SX-70 border.

Sporting a new icon as well, version 2.0 now features a real Polaroid Photo border for your images. Licensed from Polaroid, this is one of the best, most real looking classic SX-70 frames you will find on the iPhone. The new frame is authentically detailed and textured. You can also choose the “ShakeItPhoto Classic” border if you prefer the older look.

Images themselves still have the classic ShakeItPhoto look. There is no option for the version 1.3 look released briefly. ShakeItPhoto supports widths of up to 1920 pixels, which is about as full res as you’ll get in a square frame format on an iPhone 4.

Users of the now discontinued Polarize app should be pleased with this new frame and the one-touch ease that ShakeItPhoto recreates the Polaroid experience.

ShakeItPhoto is $1.99 in the App Store.


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App Store link: ShakeItPhoto – Banana Camera Co.



Big thanks to Nox Dineen for the heads up about this update. =M=