A great new resource for iPhone photographers, iPhoneographyCentral, went live today. Not so much a new iPhone photo blog, but more of a website where iPhoneographers can share their techniques with others, from the basic to the really cool.

It’s been in beta for a while, so out of the gate, some of iPhoneography’s premier names have already contributed some of their secrets.

The list of contributors so far is impressive and is filled with iPhoneographers whose work has been displayed in exhibitions across the globe. Site creator Nicki Fitz-Gerald has rounded up some of my favorite working iPhoneographers (including herself) to contribute to this project.

In addition to Nicki Fitz-Gerald — also known as Flickr-Fitzy, an excellent iPhoneographer in her own right, there are contributions from Aaron Davis, Anders Uddeskog, Jaime Ferreyros, James Klees, Lindsey Thompson, Nettie Edwards (Lumilyon), Nicholas Corsalini, Ryan Teall, and Unruly-e. That’s just on Day One.

iPhoneography is the art of creating stunning images on an iphone. A brand new site launches today “iphoneographyCentral”, a place to learn and share the latest creative processing effects, tips and tricks from the best iphoneographers in the world. Got an iphone and want to make great photographs and art? Need to know what apps to get you started? This is the website to learn and share. Packed with tutorials from leading iPhoneographers, they will show you how to create breathtaking images step by step. Fed up with boring pictures? then learn how to lighten, brighten and transform your images into works of art. This resource is suitable for all levels from both newbies to professionals.

12 months ago UK based Graphic Designer & creator of iphoneographyCentral.com, Nicki Fitz-Gerald started taking photographs with her iphone 3Gs and was quite pleased with the results. After seeing brilliantly processed iphone photographs on sites such as Life In Lofi, eye’em, iPhone0genic and iPhoneography, was keen to learn more about the technical side of processing but found no central place in which to learn and bounce ideas….

So iphoneographyCentral was born.

Nicki says, “I wanted a place where great iPhoneographers could share their techniques, not necessarily to copy but to spring board new ideas and processing skills. There are plenty of brilliant sites out there already to get the latest app reviews and news, iphoneographyCentral  is about showing exactly what those apps are capable of and sharing those ideas”

I’ve found the iPhoneography community to be very sharing, and Nicki’s already got some great talent to help other iPhonegraphers. Photographer Christian Peacock says perfectly, “This is such a great idea. This will help build a stronger creative community of artist sharing.”

iPhoneographyCentral is live now.