The new Hipstacase 100 from Hipstamatic

Previously, if you wanted to shoot with a physical Hipstamatic camera, the closest you could get was an iPhone skin and a see-through case. Not any more. Hipstamatic along with Agent18 have created Hipstacase 100, a cool little case which gives your iPhone 4 the look and texture of a Hipstamatic camera.

Based on the design of the mythical Hipstamatic 100 camera, the new Hipstacase 100 streets on May 5th. They will first be available on and and eventually in all Apple stores.

Not only is the case a very spiffy nod to the “history” of the Hipstamatic, it also adds more functionality to your iPhone 4 than just adding “the big yellow button.” The case also comes with a handy tripod mount and a wrist lanyard.

Generally, I don’t use cases or skins that make my iPhone look like a camera. For me, it defeats the purpose of having a camera that doesn’t look like one. But will I use the Hipstacase? Like everything else Hipstamatic, oh yes!