Many iPhoneographers are creating works that when viewed by the public, the response is often “I can’t believe this was done on a iPhone.” I have been witness to this reaction many times, as I’m sure many of you have as well.

iPhoneography is now finding its way into more mainstream photographic publications. A recent issue of Square Magazine, the French/English square frame format magazine has excellent showcases from Clay Lipsky, Quinn Jacobson, Stephen Gill and others. Also featured in Square Magazine 2.1 is Amo Passicos… Miss Amo and Her iPhone.

Miss Amo writes:

“I never say to myself that a particular format will be the most appropriate for a particular situation. It is a risk I take at the beginning of a photographic session. I don’t compute. I am not looking for the best composition ever; I open my eyes, see something that attracts me, I select an angle, I push the button and it’s over. Whatever happens afterwards is pretty random. Sometimes the image acquires meaning, a story is captured. Sometimes it remains silent and is ruthlessly deleted….”

Square Magazine Issue 2.1 can be found here. Amo’s feature begins on page 84, but be sure to look at the rest of the excellent photography in the issue.

Square is always pretty to look at. For more information, visit Square Magazine online.