It seems like Instagram sites on the web come and go as quickly as you can say “Instagram.” For a while, Instagram were cracking down on unauthorized use of their feed or changing how their feed works, making it difficult for many of these sites to keep up. With the recent release of the new Instagram public API, hopefully, we’ll see some stability and longevity in these third party websites.

Shane Rich over at HatchCraft has written a great post of the five of the the top Instagram web sites. HatchCraft has some good Instagram creds. They’re the company that builds the great-looking Boo Box — handmade bamboo shadow box frames and prints for people’s iPhonegraphy.

With the introduction of Instagram’s Real-Time API developers have been coding like mad to integrate the best functions on the Instagram iphone app into fully functional Web apps. We’ve listed the Top 5 Instagram Web Apps currently available. These Web UI’s make viewing, liking, commenting, and following faster and more convenient from the comfort of your desk.

You can read Shane’s entire post, “Top 5 Instagram Web Apps” here.