I have to admit, when Hipstamatic first arrived in the App Store, I regularly checked a particular camera store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see if one of those mythical cameras would ever turn up in their graveyard. It’s Mike Crivello’s in Shorewood, by the way. If anybody would have had a Hipstamatic, they would. Of course, we know that was a fruitless endeavor.

My preview HipstaCase 100 arrived in the mail yesterday and it’s the closest we’ll get to shooting with a physical Hipstamatic. I’ve got ordering info and a discount code for free shipping after the jump. >>>

Not only does it give your iPhone 4 the look and texture of what a Hipstamatic 100 would have have looked like, but it adds some unexpected protection and function to your device. It’s a pretty solid and sexy little case.

It’s made out of plastic, not rubber or silicone. The iPhone easily pops in and out of the case. It’s pretty rugged and will help protect your phone’s case against bumps and scratches. It’ll also protect against the iPhone 4 Death Grip, where holding a naked iPhone may cause a degraded signal when using the phone.

The case has a pretty sturdy wrist strap that can be switched for left or right-handed use. Not only does this add convenience to the iPhone, but it helps keep the device from flying out of your hands if you’re a gesturer. I know this first hand. It also helps keep the iPhone at the ready so you don’t have to dig it out of a pocket or purse. A very nice feature.

Hipstacase 100 also adds a slick little tripod adapter. It’s a separate, small piece of metal with a standard 1/4″ thread that quickly and easily slips into a slot on the back of the case, so it doesn’t add any thickness or asymmetry to the case. It’s one more piece of gear to keep up with when shooting, but if you’re using it with a tripod, you’re already keeping track of gear, so probably not an issue.

The back of the case is where the fun is and it’s pretty good. The case is completely black plastic. It’s got the classic faux-leather texture in plastic that the Hipstamatic 100 would have had. The big generic “lens” is a visual adaptation of a camera lens. There’s no clear plastic “lens” like the John S. or Kaimal, but the size and placement are accurate. It looks more like a lens cap. It’s raised, but not too bulky for pockets. Likewise, the grid for the “flash” is also molded into the black case. The iPhone’s lens and flash peek out nicely from a slot on the far right of the case, where the “viewfinder” would be. The classic “Big Yellow Dot” is missing, but there’s a recessed spot for it on the case. A quick trip to an office supply store for a yellow, 1/4″ map dot should do the trick.

The case is also available for the iPod touch 4th Gen. It follows the curves and contours of that device so don’t expect it to look as “authentic” as on an iPhone 4, with its flat back and sharper corners.

It’s a cool case that gives your iPhone the overall look of a physical Hipstamatic. At $39.95, it’s a little pricey for an iPhone case. But it’s a well-made, fun case that finally, in a way, brings the Hipstamatic into the physical world. The added functionality is a nice bonus. Have fun shooting with a little bit of faux-lo-fi history. It’s cool gear for Hipstas.

The Hipstacase 100 will be available for purchase beginning May 5, 2011 at HipstaCase.com or HipstaMart.com. Get free shipping by using the PromoCode “GIMMENOW” at checkout


Here’s the press release:

Hipstamatic has joined forces with Agent 18 to create a line of premium protective cases which not only embrace, but give a sweet new skin to your favorite iOS devices. The HipstaCase, available for either the iPhone 4 or the iPod touch 4G, channels the retro look and feel of the original plastic point-and-shoot camera into a case that will give your thoroughly modern technology a delightfully retro feel. These products will be available for retail purchase beginning May 5, 2011 at www.hipstacase.com or www.hipstamart.com.

The three-piece HipstaCase for iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G sells for $39.95. You can pre-order your new Hipstacase through May 5 and get free shipping by using the PromoCode GIMMENOW at checkout!

Here’s what you get:

  • The HipstaCase – a one piece, snap on case that provides premium protection for the iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G, while channeling the look and feel of a retro camera.
  • A universal tripod adapter that slips into a hidden front slot on the case and easily mounts onto any standard camera tripod for steady and level photo taking.
  • A high quality, nylon wrist lanyard designed to seamlessly attach to the HipstaCase in either a left or right handed position. Allows the user quick and secure access for photos.

Combining Agent18ʼs industrial design and engineering prowess with Syntheticʼs expertise at putting perfectly imperfect pictures in the palm of your hand has resulted in a case line that is stylish, functional, and dare we say just a little sexy.