And I don’t mean that in a positive light. At this point, I just want them to stop trying to fix LomoLomo or Leme Camera and let the damned thing fade away. I really didn’t want to talk about the app any longer, but this is a story that keeps on giving….

LomoLomo Pro has finally been “updated”. It’s now Leme Camera-Easter Version. Stay away. Don’t update. Learn to live with the annoying “You have 1 app to update badge”. Or just finally delete the app and move on.

Basically, the app has the same cameras, films, and frames as Leme Camera. In both apps, they’re all free. All the stuff that got messed up when Lomo Lomo changed to Leme Camera (don’t worry if you can’t follow — it’s confusing and difficult to do without a flow chart) is now messed up in this version, too. Several of LomoLomo Pro’s great frames are now gone, replaced with the cheesy frames of Leme Camera.

And, just in time for Easter next year, LomoLomo Pro/Leme Camera-Easter Version now comes with an audio cartoon Easter Bunny to annoy you throughout the app. Really? An Easter bunny? A lousy way to update a LOMO app, guys.

In my last Leme Camera post, I’d mentioned that the developer, MoMo Travel Consulting was in scramble mode with this app and that they didn’t know what to do with this app. They could have started by simply changing the name to something that didn’t violate Lomography’s intellectual property rights and stopped there. In the updates, they could have then added the cool new frames and photo effects, left out the cheese, and not jack with people who spent more money than the app is worth now with the cheesy frames. We’d all be happy. Too bad nobody asked me first.

Don’t update Leme Camera-Easter Version. You’ll lose LomoLomo Pro. If you’ve already updated and would like to revert back to the bunny-free LomoLomo Pro, check out our post on downgrading to the previous version of an app. I suppose a bunny-free update is coming at some point in the future. The thought of what may take its place really kind of scares me.

I’m done with this app. The cheesy frames and cartoon bunny aren’t worth the frustration of watching this developer screw it up more. The lack of common sense and foresight here is not even worth the price of free. Going forward, use LomoLomo or LemeLeme or Leme Camera apps at your own risk.