Instagram iPhoneInstagram 1.6.5 is in the App Store now. Not only is it more stable than the previous 1.6 updates, it has a few new features, including “improved image quality”. Unfortunately, it isn’t the resolution image quality that we’ve been hoping for.

No new filters. The big new feature for this update is an improved tiltshift mode. Instagram now has a Radial tiltshift mode in addition to the Linear mode. It’s easily switchable and movable in the tiltshift editing window. It’s fast and easy to use and improves the app’s ability to apply a tiltshift effect or fake depth of field.

The image improvements are “Image quality improvements when choosing from library”. Not sure what that means. Library or built-in camera, Instagram still saves at 612×612 pixels — good for sharing online, but still too small for decent-sized prints and useless for enlargements.

There are speed improvements throughout the app. Overall, it feels a little snappier.

This release also claims crash fixes and improvements. One of the bigger complaints of the previous 1.6 updates was the Instagram “White Screen of Death” which was caused by a caching issue in the app. Basically, the fix was to let the app continue crashing until it had cleared the problem cache. This was promised to be fixed in this update. On first tests, I was unable to get the “White Screen…”.

This update also went much more smoothly than the previous two.

Instagram 1.6.5 won’t win over many new converts. But, if you use Instagram, you’ll definitely want to download this update soon.

Instagram runs on just about any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen. You can find me on Instagram @MartyNearDFW.

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