If you’re an Instagrammer and also love analytics as much as I do, Statigram is a very cool site to check out. Statigram provides metrics for your Instagram account, including your Top 5 most liked and followed photos, how often you use filters and which are your favorites, and your most engaged followers.

If you’re really into Instagram, this is a cool and powerful tool.

You log into Statigram using your Instagram credentials. Stats are refreshed at each login.

Check it out…. The dashboard shows a host of basic and detailed information, analyzed, organized and color-coordinated. Some of the information is useful, like your top five favorite filters (Lomo-Fi, Hefe, and in third the surprising Inkwell). All of it is entertaining. Did you know that by far my favorite day to upload images to Instagram is Friday?

There’s also a very basic snapshot the site will let you email, but it’s not nearly as fun as the full dashboard.

Statigram is free and is one of the cool new sites to spring up since Instagram released their public APIs, and I think it’s one of the more fun and useful ones.



Big thanks to Stacy Anderson for pointing me to this one.