Free apps are always a great way to start off the week.

Vignettr by Darran Boyd is FREE starting today for one week only. It’s an app that gives you control over several parameters of vignette creation. It also has some powerful image editing tools built in, such as tint, luminance and a Neutral Density Grad filter for punchier skies. Much of the time, the app creates good vignettes with a smooth, subtle gradient. There is little visible edge to the vignette and a broad range to the opacity. Vignettr also comes with several effects presets to quickly and easily apply a number of unique looks to your photos.

Vignettr is normally $0.99 in the App Store. This reduction runs until Monday of next week.

Vignettr is a universal app that runs on any iDevice running iOS 4.2 or newer.

Vignettr - Darran Boyd