Instagram iPhoneInstagram is currently the standard for social photo sharing apps on the iPhone. It wasn’t the first, but something about the app caught on. Since its meteoric rise, there have been a ton of other social photo apps — picplz, Burstn, Path, and most infamously Colorâ„¢ –  that have tried to unseat Instagram as the top iPhone’s top social photo app. While some may have a better feature set, none have come close to gathering the five million users (and growing rapidly) that the Instagram network has.

Here’s a link to a recent New York Times story about Instagram. It provides some insight into Instagram the company and a lot of insights into social photo sharing from the social, not photo, viewpoint. If you’ve got a minute or three, it’s a good read on the present and near future of social photo sharing.

The service has benefited from being easier to use than some of its rivals, said Brian Blau, a research director at Gartner. “You take a photo, add a filter, post it online,” he said. “It’s the equivalent of firing off a tweet; it doesn’t require much thought or effort.”

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