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UPDATED 06.06.11 @ 13:45: Now with screenshots from Engadget coverage and my thoughts on additional features, as well as hardware requirements. =M=

Today was the Apple keynote at WWDC. In addition to previews of the Mac OS X Lion and iOS5, we got a sneak peek at the updated Apple Camera in iOS5.

iOS5 has over 200 new features and TUAW posted a great recap of them, including the very cool updates to the Camera app.

Camera: The Camera app got a refresh with a new Camera shortcut on the lock screen (yay!). Double-click the home button and the camera app will launch. Will let you take a new picture even if you have a passcode set. You can use the volume up button as a snap for the camera and grid lines to help frame your photos. You can even pinch-to-zoom and set AE/AF lock without losing your previous settings. Built-in editor will let you crop, rotate, reduce red-eye and more.

While Camera finally gets some more features that have been in third-party apps for years, this is still a huge upgrade. I can’t wait for the new Camera, especially the ability to access it without unlocking my iPhone. Many users will be thrilled at the integrated VolumeSnap feature built into Camera. And, finally, Camera gets separate Auto-Exposure and Auto-Focus lock. The built-in photo editor is bare-bones, but should be decent for quick tweaks. The Auto-Enhance “magic button” will be a quick way to balance color and normalize the image, but users of the magic button in other photo apps know that this is a hit-or-miss feature. Still, it’s very nice to have when it works.

iOS5 supports the same hardware as iOS4 — iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch. It ships this Fall.

Read their entire early preview “iOS 5 previewed at WWDC” by Kelly Hodgkins here on The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

UPDATE 01: Read Engadget’s excellent liveblog coverage of the keynote here.

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We were unable to make it to WWDC, so big thanks to and Engadget for information in this post. =M=