UPDATED 06.07.11 @21:10: Now with pricing info. =M=

UPDATE 06.10.11 @10:15: RetroPak One is now available as an in-app purchase in Hipstamatic for $1.99. It contains the DreamCanvas film and Salvador 84 lens from the Dali pak, the Tejas lens from the SXSW FreePak, and the Melodie lens from the Levi’s GoodPak. All four items had been discontinued. Hipstamatic says this will be your last opportunity to get this gear. RetroPak One will be available for three days, through Sunday, June 12, 2011. After that, they’re gone for good. =M=

UPDATE 06.10.11 @16:00: This morning, I checked my Hipstamatic before updating this post. At 10:50 or so my time, RetroPak One was available in my Hipstamatic — see the screenshot in the thumbnail. It was supposed to be live by 1:00 PM Eastern Time today. ¶ Many readers have reported that RetroPak One is still not showing up in their HipstaMart hours after it was supposed to be online. At 4:00 PM Central Time, all I get now is a “Loading…” screen where it stays stuck. I’m looking into this and will report here anything I’m able to find out. Keep checking back. =M=

UPDATE 06.10.11 @20:30: I just heard back from Hipstamatic. Here’s what happened: “It was actually Apple’s servers that were having the issue. We talked to them this morning and they were on it. We’ve been waiting all day for the email saying we’re good to go but didn’t hear back. At this point it looks like it’s working so we are going to send out the push in a little bit.” ¶ It looks like many of you have already downloaded the new RetroPak. It should now show up in your HipstaMart. =M=

For a variety of reasons, many Hipstamatic users have missed out on some of the limited edition HipstaPaks that have been released over the past year.

For one weekend only, June 10-12, 2011, Hipstamatic are re-releasing some of the discontinued gear in the very limited edition Hipstamatic Retropak One.

This weekend only, users will be able to download several currently unavailable Hipstamatic lenses and film, including the warm Tejas lens from the SXSW Hipstapak, the very popular Melodie lens released in December, and both the film and lens in the Dali HipstaPak.

If you’re missing any of these, this download is definitely worth it for the Tejas and Melodie lenses alone. According to the developers of Hipstamatic, this will be your last opportunity to get this sought-after gear.

UPDATED: Retropak One will be available for $1.99 as an in-app purchase in Hipstamatic.

Here’s the full press release from Hipstamatic:

Why Does Hipstamatic Have Limited-edition Digital Products?

The most emailed, facebooked, tweeted, get satisfaction question is by far dealing with our “Limited Edition” HipstaPaks. To date we’ve had both Paid and Free HipstaPaks. The first of these was a partnership with the reopening of the Dali Museum. Together with all of your support we were able to raise nearly $50,000 for the museum. Then over the holidays we celebrated with Levi’s and raised over $15,000 that went to Kids with Cameras & The 5 Boroughs Foundation of Photography. This past Spring we partnered with SXSW to bring you the Tejas lens.

Making these products only available for a limited amount of time allows us to partner with some really great projects and brands. That said, communicating that these HipstaPaks were only available for a limited amount of time has always been a challenge. Until recently you’ve only known about the limited edition paks if you followed us on Facebook or Twitter, or you regularly visit the HipstaMart section of Hipstamatic. With the last update we added Push Notifications to communicate directly with the community, which we used for the first time last week to announce our partnership with Nike Sportswear.

Because so many people missed out on the limited edition paks from the past, and because we didn’t do a good job of telling people, we are going to offer the select HipstaGear in a special RetroPak. The first and likely only RetroWeekend is coming up later this week.

Starting this Friday, June 10 @ 10a PT and running through Midnight PT on Sunday night, there will be a special HipstaPak available in the HipstaMart section of Hipstamatic. We will send out a Push to all users that have enabled Hipstamatic to send (Settings>Notifications, to adjust) when the HipstaPak is available.

We hope to do a better job of communicating with everyone in the future. Including customer support and troubleshooting, we’ve added a new member to our team dedicated to just that, promise to introduce him soon 🙂

In addition to Retro Weekend, we have some really great updates coming out in the near future, can’t wait to get them out to everyone.

Lucas Allen Buick
CEO & Co Founder

PS: Currently there are two limited edition HipstaPaks available.

Nike Sportswear Always On Pak — Ends June 30 — FREE
Bondi Pak (aka, Ben Watts) — Ends August 31 — $0.99

These HipstaPaks will be removed from the virtual shelves and not return, should you want to add them to your Hipstamatic please do so.