tap tap tap’s Camera+ is often the top-selling photo app for a reason. It’s a powerful, full-featured, all-in-one camera replacement app and tap tap tap always seem to add cool new features that we didn’t even know we needed… always raising the bar for camera replacement apps.

The new 2.2.1 update is out now. While mostly a bux fix and performance tweak update, they still managed to add a cool new feature that none of the other major camera apps have. You can now share your photos by text message — SMS — from within the app.

Even though Apple Camera will use the Volume + button as a shutter release in the upcoming iOS 5 update, this Camera+ update does not include the VolumeSnap feature that infamously appeared in one of last year’s updates. It’ll be interesting to see now if Apple lets developers remap certain hardware functions, such as a hardware shutter release in third party photo apps.

It’s hard to believe that Camera+ is one year old. My first real use from the app came almost a year ago, when I wrote on June 21, 2010:

“We spent a day at the Milwaukee Zoo on Friday and I spent the day shooting with Camera+ by tap tap tap. It’s a really nice camera replacement app. I like “the skin” of the app. While it’s a little clicky to get through, the interface is easy to maneuver through and I thought it was fun. Reload times were a little long, though. I couldn’t shoot while the image was saving. I missed some great shots of the lions. That’s really my biggest complaint about the app and probably the one issue that really limits its usability for me. Otherwise, it’s a good app.

It wasn’t perfect, though and I held off reviewing the app until version 1.2.1. I think it’s interesting to go back and see how the app has evolved. Update after update, the app has just gotten better.

To celebrate the app’s first anniversary, it’s on sale for a limited time for only $0.99 — that’s a dollar off the regular price. This is a great price on this excellent camera replacement app.

Requirements: It’s still old iPhone friendly and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Camera+​ - tap tap tap


Here’s What’s New in Version 2.2.1

• sharing via SMS
• fixed an issue where people weren’t able to login to Facebook to share on it
• improved launch time
• performance enhancements
• fixed crashing issues on older devices
• various other bug fixes and improvements