iPhoneographer Fernando Gomez Larrea

Over on Facebook is the iPhone Photography Competition page, started back in November of 2009. One of the long-standing contributors to the IPC is Fernando Gomez Larrea. Lately, he’s been tearing it up in the IPC, having won both the April and May 2011 competitions.

Here is a showcase of some of his excellent works, including his two winning photographs.

Fernando does an excellent job of capturing the right moment in his iPhoneography, then creating the perfect mood.

“Me with few words: 40 years old, placed in Trapagaran (Basque Country – Europe). Photojournalist for eat, iPhoneographer for enjoy.

“APPS: PictureShow, Iris, Tilt Shift, DXP, Diptic….”

Night by Fernando Gomez Larrea, May 2011 IPC Winner

Untitled by Fernando Gomez Larrea, April 2011 winner

All photographs in this post ©Fernando Gomez Larrea.

You can see more of Fernando’s work on his Facebook Page, Fernando Gomez Larrea Iphoneography.

Since November 2009, the iPhone Photography Competition (IPC) is a monthly contest and is free to enter. Winners are determined by reader votes. The winner gets to choose the theme of the next competition, bragging rights, and to sweeten the pot, the winner also gets a feature here on Life In LoFi.

The new iPhone Photography Competition (IPC) theme is “Portraits”. This contest runs through June 30, 2011. Click here for the rules of the IPC.