Fotosyn’s Bleach Bypass adds a cinematic or nostalgic film quality to your iPhone photos using one of eight effects. It’s easy to use with one touch processing. There are few frills. Colors and “artifacts” look nice and are well rendered. It’s a good, simple photo app.

Bleach Bypass was just updated. Only one new feature in this update — the new PhotoAppLink API, making it easy to use with other photo apps without first saving to your camera roll. Cool!

Effect added directly in PicTools with PhotoAppLink

While not perfect, Bleach Bypass is definitely worth a dollar if you like how the effects look. Several of the effects don’t look like “skip bleach” process effects as the name would suggest, but still have a very nice analog film look to them.

A previous update to Bleach Bypass also included the addition of a slider to adjust the intensity of the effects.

The new update with PhotoAppLink allows you to open the image directly in another app without first saving it to your camera roll. It’s a great workflow and helps to reduce version clutter on your iPhone. I had no problems opening my processed image in one of the other apps to continue working, in this case applying a film texture from Pic Tools before saving the final version.

I’ll be posting more about PhotoAppLink soon.

While the new 1.2.5 update is light on new features, the one new feature it gets, PhotoAppLink, essentially adds a ton of new functionality.

Bleach Bypass is $0.99 in the App Store. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Bleach Bypass - Fotosyn