Photo by Instagram/@twayne_photos

Texas has been hit this summer with its most serious drought in over 30 years. We nearly broke the record for consecutive days over 100° and we still may break Texas’ record for the hottest summer overall. Most of our lakes are low to seriously low, with many lakes here at less than 50% capacity. At my house, we’ve probably gotten less than an inch of rain here since May (we live in a weird, rain-resistant area of the DFW Metroplex). We’ve been under an Extreme Wildfire Alert here in North Texas all summer long.

Recent wildfires across Texas have destroyed thousands of acres, hundreds of homes and claimed several lives.

Users of Instagram have been posting some very striking images of the Texas fires under the tags #centraltxfires, #txfires and #bastrop. For some striking photos of the fires, search out those hashtags in the Instagram app of your choice.

There are more images and info on Instagram’s blog here.

These fires are tragic in the loss of life and property. Those who are effected by this tragedy are in my thoughts.

The Washington Post has an excellent article on ways you can help the wildfire victims.