Emergence by Gladly Beyond


I’ve been asked recently if I’m still doing Faved On Flickr. The answer is a resounding yes. The weekly Faved feature was a temporary victim of the usual overall busy-ness in work, personal and travel aspects of my life.

To be fair to all of the iPhoneographers who shared their images in Life In LoFi’s Flickr Group over the past several weeks, I’ll be playing catch-up. This is the first of two Faved features this week with images selected from the thousands shared to the Flickr group. The bulk of these images were shared at the beginning of September. The rest, I’ll share later this week.

Read on to see the photos in this week’s gallery. >>>

One of the things that has spoiled me as a curator when going through the images is how well many iPhoneographers can start with a great photograph and then apply the perfect processing, whether it’s from one app or several. When the apping complements and enhances the image, whether simple or complex, that to me is true iPhoneography. It’s a perfect storm of chance, the photographer’s eye, creative, and production. iPhoneography is more than just apping. It’s a unique enhancement of what the photographer’s camera sees.

Over the past several weeks, some amazing images have been created and shared. Some of the most stunning are the portrait work and street photography. Some of the portraits shared — whether they’re family, friends or strangers — seems to have captured the subject’s spirit. Some of the street photography submitted tells a moving, sometimes powerful story. Several of them are included here.

I think Gladly Beyond’s stunning abstract “Emergence” is a fitting and visually strong lead image for this week’s Faved. Chris Harland (Grangefirth) is better known for his gorgeous landscapes, but has shared one of his most powerful and personal photos this week, “Evan, 2 days old”. Other iPhoneographers represented today are Greg Schmigel, Alexander Kesselaar, Andy Royston, MissPixels, Robson Santos, Dixon Hamby, Jennifer Bracewell, Souichi Furusho, Alessandro Greganti, and many, many others.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. I encourage you to follow links and get to know iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

For your chance to be seen in this feature, all you have to do is be a member of the Flickr group, post, and keep adding great images. Here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here every Sunday (mostly). We’ll have more.

It’s good to have the time again to share these images. I hope you enjoy the photography in this week’s showcase. Many thanks to the iPhoneographers who post and share their works and vision.


Image pic #43

Image pic #43 by Souichi Furusho


People on a crowded escalator

People on a crowded escalator by The Hamster Factor


The Tutti Frutti Climbing Centre

The Tutti Frutti Climbing Centre by JayJay Klees



photo by ftwentytwo


Bl{hu} Sky 17mm

Bl{hu} Sky 17mm by sunraa



Stairs by Alvaro Arregui


Fast walk

Fast walk by misspixels


This Way

This Way by iPhoneography London



No._46 by Page67_Lynette Jackson



Surfer by jenbeez


Sempre sorrindo

Sempre sorrindo by Lucíliam Batagini



Legs by Lucíliam Batagini


Evan, 2 days old

Evan, 2 days old by Grangefirth


783 - Sydney iPhoneography - First Days of Spring (Series: 4 of 7)

783 - Sydney iPhoneography - First Days of Spring (Series: 4 of 7) by alexkess



Paddlespash. by Andy Royston ( The Ft Lauderdale Sun project)



moon over pike place

moon over pike place by janine1968


Four windows

Four windows by AlGrega


Your hands can express emotions, transmit affection and create beautiful things....

Your hands can express emotions, transmit affection and create beautiful things.... by magneticart



"Gary" by Drew_E



marco by wizmo


the wise fisherman

the wise fisherman by dixonhamby



Tara by ShelSerkin


Brocante 3

Brocante 3 by shonski32


welcome to pittsburgh

welcome to pittsburgh by Just What I See - Greg Schmigel


The kid, the mascot, and the water balloon.

The kid, the mascot, and the water balloon. by unruly_e



Ambushed! by yammay


No tears, no time to cry

No tears, no time to cry by maansee


bed of dreams

bed of dreams by alyssthomas