Through-the-viewfinder app TtV Studio Pro is no more. It’s been replaced by TtV Photo Studio.

A few weeks ago, app developer Taplayer introduced the app TtV Photo Studio as a replacement for their app TtV Studio Pro. It’s a separate download, not a free upgrade. TtV Photo Studio is FREE right now in the App Store for everyone. This is for the full version of the app, not the feature-limited Lite version. If you have TtV Studio Pro, definitely grab the new app now for free to stay in the upgrade path.

A few weeks ago, developer Taplayer wrote this on their blog:

“Due to iPhone App Store problem (TtV Studio Pro will disappear sometimes), we have to create another product named “TtV Photo Studio”, to replace the current one.

“We will keep adding more features at “TtV Photo Studio” in the future, and “TtV Studio Pro” will be removed from App Store some day.”

Someday is now here and the app is now gone. You can read our original review of TtV Studio Pro here. Both Studio Pro and its replacement TtV Photo Studio are pretty good pretty good photo apps. They have a wide range of viewfinder recreations and save in high-resolution on an iPhone 4.

TtV Photo Studio normally sells for $0.99, but it is free again for a limited time only. I recommend both previous and new users grab it now. If you’ve got the old version, this is your free update.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

TtV Photo Studio - Taplayer