Got a few good photo app sales going on right now, including one I promised I’d keep an eye out for. CamCam, PicTools, 100 Cameras in One, and Camera Genius are all on sale for $1.00 each right now!

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We recently reviewed CamCam. It’s got great looking retro filters and a cool live preview. While it’s a fun diversion, I wrote “For some, it might not be worth the three dollars.” It’s now on sale for $0.99 through September 25 — that’s $2.00 off it’s normal price. While still not for everyone, for a dollar, it becomes a much more attractive app purchase. | CamCam - CnC

Lightweight photo editor PicTools is on sale for $0.99 — down from its normal $1.99 price. PicTools is another lightweight but very useful photo editor. It’s not as full featured as Filterstorm or either of the PhotoForge apps. It’s more like PhotoToaster — an app that has pretty much everything you’ll need for most everyday on-the-fly image tweaks. Plus, the app has a nice selection of filter preset effects, too. It’s on sale for a limited time. | PicTools - ActiveDevelopment

100 Cameras in 1, photographer Trey Ratcliff’s square format filter app that lets you stack one or more textures is on sale now for $0.99 (usual price $1.99). Many of the textures are varying degrees and flavors of grunge, but there are also some color shifts and more. It’s a nice companion to toy camera apps that focus more on simulating various lens and film effects. You can read our review of the update to version 3.0 here. I’m not sure how excited I am about this sale, as 100 Cameras has been reduced to free a couple of times this summer. However, $0.99 is still a savings and isn’t a bad price for this popular photo app. | 100 Cameras in 1 - Stuck In Customs

Camera-replacement app Camera Genius is on sale now for only $0.99 — a savings of $1.00 off the regular price. Camera Genius is the original camera replacement app for iPhone — one of the first in the App Store to add more advanced features to the iPhone’s camera, such as digital zoom (in those pre-iOS 4 days), anti-shake stabilization, and composition grid lines. It’s grown and is now a fast, all-in-one camera app with a powerful toolset, including all six of my criteria for a good camera replacement app. | Camera Genius - CodeGoo

Also, photo editor PhotoToaster has just been updated to version 2.0 and is still on sale through tomorrow for only $0.99. | PhotoToaster - East Coast Pixels, Inc.

It’s a really good photo app sale day! For five bucks, that’s quite an impressive collection of photo apps. All of these are on sale for a limited time only, so if you’ve had your eye on any of these, grab them quickly.


Any other photo app sales I might have missed? If you’ve found a good one, share it with the rest of us in the comments below!