I used to do these fairly often, but it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these musings. Sometimes, you bump into a quote that just puts it all into perspective.

Photographer/iPhoneographer Jim Darling recently shared this on Facebook. I thought I’d pass it along here. If I ever complete my photo book, this quote is going inside.

‎”Forget about the profession of being a photographer. First be a photographer and maybe the profession will come after. Don’t be in a rush to pay your rent with your camera. Jimi Hendrix didn’t decide on the career of professional musician before he learned to play guitar. No, he loved music and created something beautiful and that THEN became a profession. Larry Towell, for instance, was not a “professional” photographer until he was already a “famous” photographer. Make the pictures you feel compelled to make and perhaps that will lead to a career. But if you try to make the career first, you will just make shitty pictures that you don’t care about.”

– Christopher Anderson