Hipstamatic have released another GoodPak today. We Heart Boobies Goodpak is now available in honor and support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The new GoodPak is available in the Hipstamatic app for only $0.99 for a limited time only.

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Hipstamatic collaborated with Fashion Photographer Guy Aroch to create the Susie lens. Inspired by those that have supported, are living with, and have survived breast cancer, the lens is designed to mimic the mood created by the lighting in his photographs, and shines with a bright and confident pink glow. In honor and support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, all proceeds from the Susie lens will benefit global breast cancer charities.

For a buck, you get the new Susie Lens. The new GoodPak also includes a new “Le Rosé” case. No other lenses or films are included with the pak.

Shot with new Susie lens


Sample image shot with John S lens for reference.

The Susie lens is very soft with overall color flatness. The lens desaturates overall color in the image a lot — almost a sun bleached look. It has an overall magenta cast throughout most of the visible shades. There are some subtle and very nice light leaks. I think it looks good and it’s definitely one of the more useful lenses. To me, the lens adds a very retro, sun-faded from the 1970’s look to the photo. Inspired by, but not identical to the photography of Guy Aroch. Still, a very nice Hipstamatic lens, though.

The new case is very, very pink.

Some users may find this GoodPak a little lacking in contents when compared to some recent HipstaPaks. However, proceeds go to a worthy cause and honestly, the new lens is pretty nice.

The We Heart Boobies GoodPak is available for a limited time, though October only, so grab it now.

If you’re getting a new iPhone and don’t already have Hipstamatic, it’s $1.99 and comes nicely equipped with several “lenses”, films and flashes. There are several add-on HipstaPaks available for a buck or two as in-app purchases.

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