I’m still waiting for my iPhone 4S to be delivered to the house. In the meantime, iPhoneographer Dixon Hamby has posted a side-by-side comparison of images taken with an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 4.

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The iPhone 4S sports a new, improved 8 megapixel camera. Like the upgrade to the iPhone 4 camera from previous versions of the iPhone, there are an entirely new set of characteristics that we’ll have to learn about the camera besides just more pixels. The light sensitivity, the camera’s white balance, how the camera sees color — all of these are different on this new generation iPhone camera.

To my eye, the camera on the 4S seems warmer than the camera on the 4. I’d always felt that with the exception of some of the first units, the iPhone 4 camera was a bit cool. Colors also seems a little more even and natural. The iPhone 4S looks visibly more sensitive to details in shadow areas — as advertised. There seems to be better, more natural shadow and detail in 3/4 tones and shadows with the 4S. In the last image, I think the skintones look more natural on the 4S.

If you’re upgrading from an older iPhone — a 3GS or a 3G, the differences will be even more dramatic.

Click the link to go to Dixon Hamby’s Flickr page. The iPhone 4S images are on the left side and iPhone 4 images are on the right.

iPhone 4S (l)/iPhone 4(r) comparison images. Photo courtesy of Dixon Hamby